You’re Never Fully Dressed

There’s a guy in my office who has what is most commonly referred to as “Resting Bitch Face.” Much like Eeyore and Droopy, I had a hunch that the poor guy was just misunderstood. Because of this, every time I see him, I smile really big and wave. I probably go out of my way with the happy/smiley stuff just to make sure he’s not really about to go postal and I’m just too naive to tell. I think it’s worked for me so far. Of course, he could return to his cube each time we cross paths to pierce a voodoo doll crafted in my likeness with very large pins, so there’s always that.



I think this is how I’ve learned to tackle most obstacles in life. The whole lemons into lemonade thing… I can relate. It’s like I was trying to smile this grumpy fella into submission. I try to see the positive in every problem. I guess that’s it. They aren’t necessarily problems, they’re a challenge to be solved… a mountain to be climbed… a project to be completed. And believe me, I’ve had my share of half-assed projects lying around for far too long.

When I lived in Charlotte for a consulting project I went to the craft store and stocked up on beads of every style, shape and color. I bought 3 kinds of thread and a few different types of closures for necklaces and bracelets. I wove a few beaded bracelets once (painstakingly following the pattern of a Nine West beaded cuff) and ended up giving them away as gifts because I had no idea what to do with them once I’d finished them. I made a few necklaces after receiving numerous compliments on one I’d thrown together out of a few colorful glass and metal findings. And then the thrill was gone. I moved on to something else.

After Dr. Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy (which totally jumped the shark a few years ago for me) took up knitting as a distraction from her sexual “dry spell,” guess what? I took a knitting class. I bought enough yarn to rival any granny and a large wicker basket to keep it in. I even have 2 different sizes of knitting needles. All I lack are the pink foam hair curlers, the bathrobe, the 9 cats and the lack of suitors. I know… There’s still time.

Nowadays, I’ve been trying not to take up any more hobbies that would require any more supply storage than I am already utilizing. Did I mention the live music equipment and lighting collecting dust in my parents’ basement? I didn’t think so. At least that one was somewhat lucrative and lasted 4+ years.

All I know is that now my projects consist more of lists than of things and I’m grateful for that. Maybe I’ll be able to smile everything I’m facing into submission.

Wish me luck.


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