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Weekends Were Made For…

Although this weekend’s rainy weather wasn’t too great for morale, it was fantastic for Mr. Muddy Paws to turn my backyard into a gigantic mud puddle. This act turned me into a bit of a DIY-Diva come Sunday, but not before I’d had my share of Netflix-binging, audiobook-listening, and catching up with friends.

Friday I worked a little late and ran a few errands, then dropped by my friend Jessica’s roller-skating birthday party. I didn’t know how long they would be there and I was tired from the week (and still dizzy from the vertigo) so I didn’t bother renting skates. There I met a makeup artist friend that I’d known through social media for the majority of both of our careers. I’d even referred her for a few gigs because I liked her so much. Meeting her in person was exactly as I’d hoped. She’s exactly as sweet as she seemed online all these years. I think we both had the same reaction.

On the way home I continued my Audible audio book listening party with Anna Kendrick as my co-pilot. I’ll tell you the truth. I sort of don’t want to finish the book because I’m enjoying her company so much.

In one of the first chapters she talks about her experiences filming the movie Camp and her character Fritzi. I decided since I hadn’t seen the movie, this was going to be my Friday night activity. I found it on Netflix, made myself a huge mug of hot cocoa and snuggled up with my pup. I’m so glad I did. Since I was on that part of the book, it enhanced my reading experience just that much more.

When Saturday rolled around I suddenly felt like I hadn’t slept in a year. I honestly don’t know what came over me. My day consisted of a series of naps between WTF moments while I tried to wrap my brain around the Netflix series Black Mirror. Saturday ended with a sleepover at Kat’s after Hurricane Bianca and black peel-off masks.

Sunday morning I had brunch with the inner circle: Lee Ann, JD, Suzi, and Kat. It was exactly what I needed. I was up early enough to start my day, had intelligent conversation, and we even planned another get-together. After brunch I was off and running to find a new doorbell since I had dismantled the one Greg had installed SOOOOO long ago.

Sidebar: Greg was a bartender who worked at TGI Friday’s with a high school friend when I first graduated and moved back to Raleigh. If memory serves, I only went out with him so that I could catch the eye of one of his co-workers. (Yes, I know, I was awful.) One night he came to pick me up to take me to a Christmas function and brought me a gift for my dog and a doorbell, which he installed while I finished getting ready. Evidently, the one that came with the house wasn’t sufficient for him. I’m not sure I even took notice.

Years ago the light had burned out in that doorbell. Was there even a light? I’m not even sure anymore. Anyway… because there was a prominently-displayed doorbell, I was using it as an IQ test for my dates. If you knew enough to ring first, you might be worth dating. If you knocked, you might be an idiot.

Because my experiment never quite went as planned, I decided to get a wireless doorbell for the side door so that I could differentiate between the two doors. I put the receiver in my room so I could hear it when I was getting ready. Then I found the prettiest LED-lighted doorbell I could find at Lowe’s and installed it at the front door. You can see it from the street now. I did well.

But of course, in my DIY frenzy, this was not enough. I went back and bought 12 HEAVY concrete pavers to cover the new area of mud that Quincy had decided to repeatedly stir up. The guys at Lowe’s seeing me as a fragile flower insisted on pushing my cart and loading my car. They seriously wouldn’t let me lift a finger. I think they were laughing that I didn’t have a trailer or better system planned out to get what seemed like a metric ton of concrete pavers back to my house. Little do they know. I put all those bad boys out myself, and I have the muscle spasms to prove it!


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