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Vertigo & Frozen Pizza

The New Year has been a rather rocky one for me. Before 2016 ended, I broke off a romantic relationship with a friend I’d had since I was 17. These are the trickiest of breakups because when you date someone who has been in your life for that long, EVERYONE, their brother and their cousin’s dog expects the two of you to live happily ever after. In real life, this is also a recipe for disaster. People change. People grow up. And sometimes we fall in love with the general idea of who we imagine the other person to be.

All these years Jeff was such a hero in my eyes. He was my “Big Brother,” my Savior, my Adviser. He could do no wrong. However, since his marriage and two children, I hadn’t tried to date him either.

Regardless, I ushered in the new year with a few of my favorite people. My New Year’s Eve ended with a frozen pizza and my best friend at 4 AM. This is more often than not the status quo.

Since then I’ve suffered 5 days of crippling Vertigo. I have no clue what could have possibly caused it, but my ENT refused to medicate me. He insisted that I “retrain my brain” to think that it isn’t spinning when I get that particular sensation. I was on my last day of symptoms before I could get an appointment, which is always disappointing, but they did a series of hearing tests. Newsflash… Somewhere along the line I’ve suffered severe hearing loss. They tried to sell me hearing aids. I’m officially old.

I guess the good news is that I’m equally as deaf in both ears, so at least I’m even. It’s not like I can hold a yoga handstand for any period of time or walk in a straight line, but my hearing (or lack thereof) is dead even. It’s the little things.


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